Pryor garners Raiders 3rd seventh-rounder

The Oakland Raiders' trade of quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Monday to the Seattle Seahawks for the Super Bowl champions’ seventh-round draft pick garnered the Raiders a total of seven selections in May’s NFL draft.

It also gave Oakland three seventh-round choices. Following is where the Raiders currently sit:

  • First round (No. 5 overall)

  • Second round (No. 36)

  • Third round (No. 67).

  • Fourth round (No. 107)

  • Fifth round (No. 146 sent to Seattle for QB Matt Flynn in 2013)

  • Sixth round (No. 181 sent to Houston Texans for QB Matt Schaub on March 21)

  • Seventh round (No. 219, No. 235, from Arizona Cardinals for QB Carson Palmer in 2013, No. 247, from Seattle for Pryor)

And to answer the question, no, Pryor was not traded for the pick that will become the NFL’s Mr. Irrelevant, or, the final pick in the draft. Rather, there are nine compensation picks that follow the pick the Raiders now own.