In 'Gladiator' parody, RichRod asks: Are you not entertained?

When it comes to football-themed, movie-parody hype videos (yes, that's a real thing), Arizona leaves everyone in the dust.

In 2013, the Wildcats gave us "Hard Edge," starring coach Rich Rodriguez and his staff wearing dusters and smoking cigars. The following year, Arizona produced its version of "Speed," a retort to the campaign to slow down fast-paced offenses like Rodriguez's spread system. In it, Rodriguez speaks with the Sandra Bullock character from the real "Speed." You know, the one wearing the Arizona shorts! RichRod and Arizona went all James Bond on us last August, releasing "License to Thrill," complete with the coach and his wife, Rita, showing off their ballroom dancing moves, and the coaches driving sports cars on the field.

This year, Rodriguez ditched the fancy clothes and cars for gladiator gear. He channels Maximus in Arizona's "Gladiator" parody, entitled, "Are you not entertained?" This video incorporates Wildcats players, who swing swords and wear armor. Game highlights mix with clips of the players wandering through the desert with their swords.

Rodriguez then tosses his sword and helmet aside and proclaims, "Are you not entertained?" Longtime Rodriguez aide Dusty Rutledge, wearing a blue toga, introduces the team.

It is glorious. Watch it now.

Few coaches like to have as much fun as Rodriguez, and few could, at 53, pull off the gladiator getup as well as he does. Well done, sir.