Texas not joining Pac-10

Pac-10 expansion won't include Texas.

The Pac-10 -- with grand visions of a Pac-16 and a broadcast deal that would distribute roughly $20 million per team -- was left at the altar when the Big 12 managed to convince the Longhorns to remain with the conference in a 10-team format.

What's next for the Pac-10? Likely a 12th team, with the frontrunner for that invitation being Utah.

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott declined to comment on a potential "plan B" but he's been authorized by conference presidents to pursue whatever course he sees as best.

This is a story that has changed on a daily -- almost hourly -- basis, so there may be a few more page turns.

That said, by all reasonable measures, the Pac-10's dream deal with Texas is dead. The question now is whether Scott can swing a media deal that still gives conference teams a big boost in revenue.

So the Big Ten goes to 12 teams (adding just Nebraska). Pac-10 likely goes to 12 (Colorado and Utah). Big 12 drops to 10 teams. SEC stays the same. Mountain West adds Boise State and hopes for AQ status at some point.

Are we done? Or not?