Report: Henderson might spurn USC for Miami

Offensive linemen are not supposed to be drama queens, but Seantrel Henderson is supposed to be a really, really good offensive lineman, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

It seems that Henderson, widely viewed as the nation's No. 1 offensive lineman, if not the nation's top prospect in 2010, is having second thoughts about going to USC. Again.

This from the St. Paul Pioneer Press (it's a note at the bottom):

Latest word is that Cretin-Derham Hall grad Seantrel Henderson, who was assured by new Southern California football coach Lane Kiffin during recruitment that USC would not receive serious NCAA penalties, is balking at his commitment and now leaning toward Miami, even though he would have to sit out a transfer season.

Henderson will have to sit out a year because, after some wavering, he finally signed a letter of intent on March 23, which binds him to USC.

Since NCAA sanctions were announced against USC, the Trojans have mostly held together with no major transfers or recruiting defections.

Henderson would be the first. Now will he be the last?