First-person from Pac-10 media days

I hitched along with the Pac-10 coaches from New York to ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn., and back to LA last week, and you can read my story here.

Four quick thoughts.

First, from what I could tell, the trip was well-planned out and went smoothly. It would have been embarrassing for the conference if there were some glitches in front of the media. There weren't.

Second, folks seemed to enjoy themselves. I know the coaches had a good time at dinner Tuesday night with the ESPN "GameDay" crew, and, other than a few rolled eyes over the incessant posing for group pictures, the coaches had fun, got along and were good sports about the demands.

Third, we really won't know how much an aggressive promotion/marketing effort helps the conference until the new TV contract is signed. I continue to believe the Pac-10 is going to land a deal that is going to be surprisingly lucrative.

Fourth, if you every fly coast-to-coast, do it in a charter. It was my first time (last time?) and let's just say it's a bit better than being stuck in a middle seat between a pair of 300-pounders who want to show you pictures of their 16 grandkids.