Top restaurants and bars in Pac-10: UCLA

Of all the Pac-10 schools, the UCLA mail on top restaurants and bars was lightest, though when we type "lightest" we're being relative because the overall response was so overwhelming.

There's a good reason for that: The Bruins play football in Pasadena. They practice and go to school in Westwood. Which location gets priority?

Still, based on what I know -- and can surmise from websites -- this is a high-quality list. Bruins fans who participated didn't send a lot of random fluff (or try to stack the deck, as it appears some did -- you know who you are!)

(Again: The "*" means I've been there).



Arroyo Chop House* (The Pac-10 blog writes: Yum.)

Tommy's Burgers

Tarantino's Pizzeria

Chanley from Pasadena writes: Best pizza in town.


Gale's Italian Restaurant and Bar

Dano from Los Angeles writes: Great Italian food and Italian food is good for you in advance of a long day tailgating.

Bill's Chicken

Writes Nathan from Los Angeles: Best fried chicken in all the southland.

The Dining Room at The Langham Hotel (It's currently being renovated and won't re-open until Oct. 1).

Bar Celona

Writes George from Los Angeles: Great Tapas and Sangria. The Paella is fantastic. walking distance from the Rose Bowl.

Apple Pan

Writes Ryan from Phoenix: I recommend the Steak Burger, which has been served the exact same way since 1927. Then wash it down with a slice of fresh home-made apple pie. Its worth driving out for a game just to have an excuse to hit this place up.

Taps Fishhouse and Brewery

Cam from Albany, Ore., writes: "The Misses and I spent new years eve here, eating and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Bring your wallet, your liver, and your dancing shoes."

Rick's Drive-in

Shamshiri Grill*

Nite life

Barneys Beanery (over 30)

Daniel from Pasadena writes: Just a couple miles from the Rose Bowl. Great American sports bar with an insane amount of TVs. 3 stories big and the top floor is a billiards bar.Their menu is huge.

BJ's (over 30)

Freddie’s 35er Bar (over 30)

Anonymous from Seattle writes: Just a great dive sports bar.

O'Hara's (Under 30... used to be called Maloney's, and many people still call it that).

redwhite+bluezz (over 30)

Gypsy Cafe (under 30)

Kramer from Westwood, Calif., writes: Because we know you love smoking a hookah, Miller.

Comments: Gale's, Bar Celona, Freddie's 35er and O'Hara's got more than a couple of hits. O'Hara's sounds like a good place to go if you're a college student on a road trip. Barney's Beanery and BJ's are your sports bars. There seems like a lively debate about best burgers and best pizza. I'm staying in Pasadena in two weeks -- Stanford at UCLA -- so I'm trying to figure out which one of these places I'll sample firsthand. Will report back.