Top restaurants and bars in Pac-10: Arizona State

Our review of the Pac-10's best restaurants and bars continues with Arizona State.

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Arizona State


The Chuckbox

Taylor from Tempe writes: It is the best place to eat anytime in Tempe and especially gameday as it is 5 min walking from Sun Devil Stadium. Chuckbox wins best Valley of the Sun burger every year and is priced fairly. My favorite place around campus and in the state!

Alex from San Diego writes: The ambiance is that of on old western joint. You know when you step foot in this place that you are going to get yourself a good old fashion burger. This is must for the best Pac-10 restaurant. It's what a true college restaurant should be, a great burger joint.

Four Peaks Brewery

Matt from Mesa, Ariz., writes: I would send you to Four Peaks, but since I would suggest trying their beer sampler and you'd be on the job ... that would be pointless (although anything beer battered and deep fried there is very good)

Jordan from Phoenix writes: It's a small local brewery and their beer is outstanding! The food is also quality, especially considering its mainly a brewery. I would recommend it to anyone coming out to a Sun Devils game.

Adam from Seattle writes: Kiltlifter and the Italian beef are my favorites, but everything is amazing. How can you go wrong with beer battered bread?

Casey Moore's Oyster House


Damon from Phoenix writes: Try the Pork Osso Buco - yes, PORK, not veal - it will change your life.

Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant


Todd from Houston writes: It's inexpensive, good, close to Campus and soaks up a lot of tailgate beer win or lose.

Stacy's Smokehouse BBQ

Monti's Steak House

Jacob from Colorado Springs, Colo., writes: While it isn't the greatest steak house in the Phoenix area, it is the one with the best history and local charm. Carl T Hayden built the adobe structure that is part of Monti's in 1871, and if you can find one of the owners of Monti's, he/she will be glad to sit down and tell you the local history of Tempe (possibly even over a beer). Oh, and its in walking distance to the stadium


Richard from Tempe, Ariz., writes: Amazing ice cream sandwiches from fresh baked, made from scratch cookies (11) and 20 ice creams - my choice, my way. Incredible place to celebrate after the game or before to get ready and cool down in the desert heat!

The Original Long Wong's


Matt from Mesa, Ariz., writes: for all the gringo visitors, you can't really go wrong with Macayo's


Deborah from Tempe writes: I work at Z'Tejas Southwestern Grill so I'm biased in my thoughts that Z'Tejas is the best place to go before an ASU game, but here are my reasons:- You asked for fresh and flavorful restaurants. Our tag is Fresh. Flavorful. Innovative. We take traditional ingredients and cooking techniques from all over the South & Southwest to create a taste without borders. You won't find our shrimp and guacamole tostada bites or catfish beignets anywhere else!- Margaritas. We've been named best margarita in Phoenix by almost every publication. They're so strong that when UGA came here a few years ago, many of their fans couldn't even finish one! - If you dine at Z'Tejas and use our valet, than valet is FREE! We're just a short walk to the stadium (plus you avoid the parking lot mess after the game)

Nite life

Mill Avenue (under 30)

(About 10 people sent in this response. It's the main drag near campus.)

Dave's Electric (over 30)

Geisha a Go Go

Pussycat Lounge (under 30)

The Vine Tavern (under 30)

Comments: The Chuckbox, Four Peaks Brewery and Z'Tejas were the top choices with more than three votes each. More than a few national sportswriters love the Tee Pee Mexican Restaurant -- I ate there with a gaggle of guys during the BCS meetings. ASU is considered a big party school, so I was a bit surprised by the lack of nite life suggestions. Note: The original version of this included "The Library" on Mill Avenue under Nite Life. An astute insider just wrote me that it's closed. So don't go there.