Revisiting Todd Marinovich, robo QB, addict

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

This story about notorious former USC and Oakland Raider quarterback Todd Marinovich is the most complete treatment of his winding road from a golden boy recruit, molded by an overzealous father, to a junkie who couldn't stay out of jail.

It's a week old -- I subscribe to Esquire but have yet to get around to reading the issue. But it's worth a look. Interesting. Poignant. It certainly fills in some blanks about the perception of Marinovich, how his problems with drugs started well before they were revealed in news stories.

I've always found Marinovich interesting because we are peers. He was born two months before me, and I can remember reading stories about his obsessive training while I was an anonymous high school player with no scholarship offers.

Marinovich also is often considered a cautionary tale on the unintended consequences of parenting from a single-minded obsession, whether that be sports, playing the violin or getting into Harvard.

Long story, but it's worth the time commitment. Promise.