Pac-10 coaches: They said it

Every week Pac-10 coaches say interesting things that don't get printed. Here are some of the best from this week.

Oregon State's Mike Riley on the Pac-10 schedule: "They’re all like the Super Bowl; they’re all like playoff games."

Arizona coach Mike Stoops on how Washington State looks on film: "This is by far away [coach Paul Wulff's] best team, one through 22 with his starters ... You can see them starting to turn the corner. I don't think there's any question."

USC's Lane Kiffin on how it's harder to run the table in the conference than during his first tenure at USC: "The conference is deeper now. I look at that in two ways. Other schools are doing a great job, and it's our job to make that not be the case, like it was before."

Kiffin on whether he's worried about the Trojans motivation: "That would be a really good question, if we were losing by 17 or 21 points and we were really getting physically beat. Then you got a question where you go ... We are 5 seconds from being undefeated and national story probably at that point."

UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel on how he'd describe the Bruins season so far: "A little bit Jekyll and Hyde. And we've got to be sure the right guy shows up next Thursday night [versus Oregon]."

Neuheisel on quarterback Kevin Prince and a potential quarterback competition: "I have not lost confidence in Kevin Prince. I just believe competition is healthy for everybody."