Harbaugh pleased with QB, wife

You never know when Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh is going to say something really, really interesting. Or just a bit, er, different. He did that Tuesday on the Pac-10 coaches teleconference.

He was asked about which units on his team have progressed the most this year. He started by saying he was "pleased with a lot of our units." He then started talking about the quarterback position, which he rated "outstanding." Then he said this:

"I was thinking just the other night that two people in my life, my wife and our quarterback, Andrew Luck, have a lot in common in that they're just both perfect. With most people you say, 'If they only didn't do that. Or they didn't do this.' Or you wish they could do this, or you wish they could do that. But I don't do that with my wife Sarah or Andrew Luck. They are just absolutely perfect the way they are. For football coach that's pretty great -- to have a great wife and a great quarterback."

He then talked about his running backs, which have stepped up this year.

There is a potential controversy here (at least one that the Pac-10 blog is eager to create!). Previously, Harbaugh described fullback-linebacker Owen Marecic as "the perfect football player."

The question is: Who is the perfect-est? Is it Luck? Or is it Marecic? Is Marecic limited by the qualification on his perfection as "football player"?

Or is Sarah Harbaugh the perfect-est of the bunch?

Harbaugh is unorthodox at times, but my guess is he would rate Sarah No. 1. Probably.