Utah, Colorado: How'd your weekend go?

Hey gang, what do you say we check in with our new friends, Colorado and Utah, and see what the two teams that will make our super-cool conference the Pac-12 in 2011 are up to?

Let's take a gander at those box scores!


Go look at this box score from the Colorado-Kansas game. See if you notice anything, er, interesting. I'll wait here.

You might have noticed that the far right side of the box is much different than the left portion.

The Buffaloes, you see, yielded 35 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to lose 52-45 to Kansas, which opened the season with a loss to North Dakota State.

The Buffaloes led 35-10 at halftime. They led 45-17 with 11 minutes left.

And they lost.

The defeat dropped Colorado to 3-6 overall -- and one of their nonconference wins doesn't even count because it was over a patsy called "Georgia" -- and 0-5 in the Big 12.

Hmm. Sort of yucky. In fact, there is now metaphysical certainty that coach Dan Hawkins will never get the privilege of being on the Pac-12 teleconference next year, which is too bad because he surely was eager to field all the profound questions I ask, such as, "Your long-snapping, coach: Thoughts?"

Well, as Humphrey Bogart once memorably said to Ingrid Bergman, "We've always got Utah." What happened with the Utes last weekend?

Er, Utah got schlenackered -- no, that's not a word, but it's what happened -- by TCU, 47-7 at home. The Utes entered the game unbeaten and ranked fifth. They exited the game on a gurney. Considering they lost 55-28 to TCU last year, it's likely they are eager to say goodbye to the Horned Frogs for good.

And, really, Utah, how much are you going to miss a team whose fans all have arthritis?

TCU's 40-point victory was the second-largest margin in a regular season game between two top-5 BCS teams. The Horned Frogs outgained the Utes 558 to 199.

Double-hmm. Sort of yucky.

Of course, old-school Pac-10 teams, you better not laugh. At least, not too hard.

Every Pac-10 team, other than unbeaten Oregon -- duh -- and Oregon State (which was originally left out by me) has lost a game by at least 21 points this year. And not just to Oregon.

Washington State has lost by 49, 34 and 42. Washington has lost to Nebraska by 35 and Stanford by 41. Arizona State got whipped at Cal by 33. Cal got whipped at USC by 34 and at Oregon State by 28. Arizona is fresh off a 25-point loss at Stanford. UCLA went down by 28 at Cal, which sure seems to appear a lot on both sides of lopsided results.

Such as a 52-7 win over Colorado.

USC? I also seem to remember you laying an egg twice last year -- 47-20 at Oregon and 55-21 versus Stanford.

So while there surely were some yuck-yucks at the new Pac-12 pledges, my take is Utah and Colorado are going to fit right in.