Wulff talks about recent Cougars arrests

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Aaron Levine of Fox station Q13 in Seattle had an interesting interview with Washington State coach Paul Wulff. (Video and transcripts here.)

I found it particularly interesting because Wulff does a good job communicating the distance between the loud, recent headlines about his team -- three recent player arrests (see here and here) -- and what could come out in the wash.

He also had this to say on defensive end Cory Mackay, who suffered a severe back injury in a car wreck shortly after spring practices ended.

It's been tough, there has been some real positive news. He just recently when he was released from the hospital, was diagnosed with four more inches of feeling in his body, so all of a sudden there is some repairing, some things happening in a positive sense; could be a lot of the swelling is being reduced and some healing going on and it could be a while, its gonna be a while for him to continue to gain some of that back. We don't know how that's going to end up still, none of us do.

Wulff also tells folks about a new Apple Cup T-shirt that obviously has a Cougars perspective. Said Wulff, "I heard there are some new shirts out there. It says 'U-Dubbed It' on the back, it says '0-12. National Chumps!'"

Not sure that will be a big seller in Montlake.