Auburn eclipses Oregon in BCS rankings

Auburn is the new No. 1 in the BCS rankings, ahead of No. 2 Oregon by a really, really small margin: .0002.

The Ducks are still No. 1 in both the Harris and the Coaches polls (as well as the AP poll, which is not part of the BCS standings). It ranks No. 2 in five of the six computer polls and No. 3 in the other. Overall, Auburn is No. 1 with the computers and Oregon is No. 2.

Ducks fans, before you explode: It matters not a whit. If the Ducks beat Oregon State on Saturday in the Civil War, they will play for the national title. End of story.

Stanford got some good news: It's No.4 in the BCS standings, which guarantees an invitation to a BCS bowl game if it sticks through next weekend. Wisconsin is No. 5, which means the Badgers likely will be the Big Ten representative in the Rose Bowl.

Stanford's lead over Wisconsin is .0228. It is fifth in both polls and is fourth with the computers. Three computer polls rank Stanford fourth. Its low is eighth. Two rank Wisconsin fourth. Its low is 12th.

Auburn and Oregon are well ahead of No. 3 TCU. As has been said before, if the Ducks and Tigers win out, they will play for the national title.