No bowl for Arizona State

In news that isn't terribly surprising, the NCAA has denied Arizona State's request for a waiver that would have allowed it to play in a bowl game as a 6-6 team despite two wins against FCS foes.

It's not surprising because there are already 70 bowl-eligible teams for 35 spots. A Sun Devils waiver would have meant an eligible team would have gotten the shaft.

Here's Doug Haller on the matter.

Arizona State provided a quote for Dennis Erickson: "It is a pretty steadfast rule, but I thought we had a chance in our discussions with the NCAA because of our situation. They didn't OK it and I understand that. We end up going 6-6 and beating the University of Arizona. We would have liked to have played another game, but we didn't win seven games, that's the bottom line. We did finish the season like we wanted. I'll take that game last night over any bowl game."