Bowlsby, Hennessy on Harbaugh

Stanford released has released statements from athletic director Bob Bowlsby and school president John Hennessy about the departure of coach Jim Harbaugh to the San Francisco 49ers.

Bowlsby: “Jim Harbaugh has done an outstanding job of advancing the football program at Stanford University and I am grateful for all of his tremendous work. Coach Harbaugh has led the program with integrity, vision, enthusiasm and energy and his teams have played with precision and exceptional passion. Jim has been a relentless recruiter and he has been successful in enticing some of the finest scholar-athletes in the nation to attend Stanford University. We wish Jim all the best with his new challenges and we know that he will continue to be highly successful.”

Hennessy: "We are grateful to Jim Harbaugh for re-energizing the Stanford football program over the past four years. He helped build momentum that we are confident will continue into the future. We made Jim the best offer we could commensurate with our role as a university. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to his continuing contributions to football in the Bay Area."

Suffice it to say, Stanford is putting a happy face on Harbaugh's departure, which certainly seems like the wise -- and fair -- course.