Some reaction to Shaw hiring

Quotes on new Stanford coach David Shaw provided by the university.

QB Andrew Luck

On the hire:

Very excited. He's a Stanford man. I've known that since he was recruiting me coming out of high school. He has a deep, abiding love and respect for Stanford. You can really tell that. He's going to do a wonderful job with this program and the players are behind him 100 percent."

"He's definitely a lot different than Coach [Jim] Harbaugh in a lot of aspects. I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing. We'll have to wait and see what motivation is like from the head coach and how the recruiting is. I have a lot of faith that it will be successful and good. It's just different personalities and people go about things differently. I wouldn't say there's one right way to do it.

Did players favor him over other in-house candidates?

"I wouldn't say there was one more favored than another. We all had great relationships with all the coaches. Obviously, I think any one of the three would have been great for the players, but Shaw is the one."

On a smooth transition:

"It's nice not having to learn a new playbook, to be able to hit spring ball running like you were just on the field in the bowl game. I think that definitely helps in terms of making a smooth transition."

Your dealings with Coach Shaw and his input?

"I saw him all the time. I don't know the inner workings of the whole brain trust that was up in the coaches' office but Coach Shaw has always been a great coach since I've been here. He's always had a big hand in the offense."

LB Shayne Skov

“Coach Shaw has been a coach guys have looked up to since I've been here. He is not only a great coach but somebody that allows the program to hit the ground running for next season."

Bob Bowlsby, Stanford Athletic Director

"David Shaw is exactly the right person to lead our football program at this time. David has the experience, intellect, coaching skills and organizational abilities to be a tremendous head coach. He understands and embraces the combination of world class academics and world class athletics that is required at Stanford."

John Hennessy, Stanford University President

"David Shaw has been a large part of the Stanford football program's success over the past four years, and he has all of the experience and qualities to continue the momentum into the future. He is a Stanford graduate and a long-time member of our Stanford family who has personally been part of our scholar-athlete tradition. He understands our values. He also has a wealth of experience outside of the university, and broad respect among both those in his profession and on campus. I am excited about the prospects for Stanford football under his leadership."

Former Stanford Assistant and David's Father, Willie Shaw

“Bill Walsh told me something one time, ‘Willie,’ he says, ‘Your son is one of the best players I’ve ever coached.’

“I said, ‘Is that right?’

“He says, ‘College or pros, he was the one guy that when he went into a game, no matter what position he was at, he could tell you the coverage, he could tell you what the quarterback should have seen, the reads that should have made, what routes should have been run. He’d tell you exactly what he saw.’

“That’s why he’s a good coach.”

On being a finalist [in 1992] for the Stanford head coaching and today's news:

“It’s come full circle. It’s so rewarding to see this happen 18 years later. Now I’m thinking, I didn’t get it before, maybe that was why. This is even more rewarding than if I had gotten it. I’m really so proud.”