Pac-12 will restructure officiating

Got a problem with Pac-10 officiating? Well, apparently conference commissioner Larry Scott feels your pain. And has heard your gripes.

After what the conference termed "a comprehensive review of the officiating program and a request by Dave Cutaia to step down as the Coordinator of Football Officiating," the Pac-12 announced Friday it will restructure its football officiating program.

Per the release, "The enhancements to the officiating program will include a new organizational structure, new resources, best practices and training tools." That probably includes establishing standards that would eliminate, say, an alumni of the home team serving as a replay official.

Just saying.

From the release:

The adjustments to the officiating program came after a season-long review of the entire program by Mike Pereira, the former Vice President of Officiating for the NFL, who served as a consultant for the Pac-10 during the 2010 season. Pereira will lead the process of creating the new structure and implementing the changes, and will serve as the interim Coordinator of Football Officiating. The Pac-12 will begin an immediate search for a permanent Coordinator of Officiating.

The release did provide many details, but the gist is clear: Conference officials need to do a better job and be more consistent.

You can read the entire release here.

Anybody got any horrible officiating memories you want to share? Any Oklahoma Sooners fans out there?