Utah, Colorado: What's for dinner?

So I was eating for the third time at Pasco Kitchen & Lounge during the Tucson NCAA tournament regional -- great food; great cocktails -- and a very, very important thought popped into my very, very thick skull.

Food. Pac-12. Salt Lake. Boulder.

Last September, many of you surely will recall, we polled readers about their favorite restaurants and bars in the conference. You can see the list here. But the conference is a-changing -- you might have heard -- and we have two new road-trip destinations to explore.

In fact, your favorite football blogger -- no, I'm referring to me -- is headed to Salt Lake and Boulder to check in with the Utes and Buffaloes next week, and I will need to eat at some point, though my boss typically frowns upon such frivolity ("Eat?" he says. "Turn your laptop over; shake it; eat what falls out. Then get back to blogging.").

So it's time to get some input from our new friends from Utah and Colorado. What we're looking for is broad. It's not just about high-end cuisine, though that's important, too. It's about best places before and after the game. Best pizza. Best burgers and sandwiches. Best cocktails. Best beer selection. Best under-30 hangout. Best over-30 hangout. Etc. It's about where you go for your ideal food and drink experience, which will sometimes vary, depending on your mood.

Send your thoughts here.

Boulder, by the way, is already fully on the map for food (and I got a kick out of this further navel-gazing on the matter).

By the way, Tucson, also had a "Wildcat" at BisonWitches. Thumbs up.