Mysterious announcement for ASU?

Don't fear change ... just the Sun Devils!

More than a few of you have noted that Arizona State has been alluding to a major announcement over the past few weeks that should be made this month. Consider this video.

A couple of you have suggested the school will become THE Arizona State University, just like The Ohio State University, though no one calls Ohio State that except Buckeyes.

Over at Pitchfork Nation, the folks think it's about a change in uniforms, logos and color scheme, with perhaps an inclusion of black and more emphasis on the pitchfork and less on ole Sparky. That sounds more likely, though an ASU official -- or is that tASU? -- refused to give me a hint, writing "No hint."

That one video isn't a stand-alone. The school has produced several -- including here and here -- and if you are a Sun Devil you probably will enjoy them.