Oregon whips Nebraska for Rose Bowl title

EA Sports simulated the entire 2011 season -- including every BCS bowl game -- using NCAA Football 2012, and it projects Oregon stomping Nebraska in the Rose Bowl.

You can view some clips here.

So EA Sports sees Oregon winning its third consecutive conference title -- first of the Pac-12 era -- and Nebraska winning the title in its first season in the Big Ten.


Oregon jumps to a 30-14 lead at halftime; Nebraska makes a run closing to 30-23; but then the Ducks open it up -- as they are wont to do -- and roll for a 42-23 victory.

If you -- Duck fans -- wish to trash talk this result on the Big Ten blog, go here.

LaMichael James, Darron Thomas and John Boyett are sure to like the clips. Cliff Harris, not so much -- you've got to wrap up, Cliff!

Some might say this is just a video -- a video of a video game, no less.

No. This is more than real.

Parade in Eugene?