Did USC's Tyler deserve his suspension?

I think we can all agree that our culture is greatly enriched by folks wandering around with cameras trying to provoke celebrities big and small into doing stupid things and then posting the video on the Internet.

Put down the novel, stop playing with your kids, grab some fast food and start gazing at got-you! videos. It's just awesome. Be all you can be.


And so we have USC running back Marc Tyler, his mouth and a subsequent suspension.

The Trojans' leading rusher from 2010 has been suspended for the Sept. 3 season opener against Minnesota, and he could be out longer as he is awaiting a ruling from the school's disciplinary committee on a pair of alcohol-related incidents from last year.

He earned his suspension after a website posted a video of an apparently intoxicated Tyler making inappropriate comments about Kim Kardashian and joking about being paid to play for the Trojans, something the program is just a bit sensitive about.

So, our question for you: Should there be a Constitutional amendment that allows citizens to tar and feather a person who films them in public places without their permission?

No, that's not the question.

The question is whether you believe Tyler's suspension was fair. Or did he deserve an even harsher reaction?