Chip Kelly: 'My conscience is clear'

Oregon coach Chip Kelly and ESPN's Chris Fowler sat down Thursday at the home office in Bristol, Conn., and chatted.

It started like this.

Fowler: We cannot ignore the elephant on the lawn out here.

Kelly: I don't see an elephant.

Fowler does a good job of drawing out a little bit more from Kelly on the Willie Lyles-NCAA inquiry. Specifically, he asks Kelly if his conscience is clear. Kelly quickly replied: "My conscience is clear."

Rob Moseley of the Eugene Register-Guard has a nice summary of the interview here, and he does a good job of describing what might be the best moment of the interview:

The host then presented to Kelly a hypothetical: What if he were recruiting a player who signed elsewhere, and Kelly discovered that school had a financial arrangement with someone close to the player?

Kelly usually brushes aside hypotheticals, but perhaps the combination of being on camera and in the presence of a trusted personality led him to entertain this one.

"What would I think?" Kelly said. "I would think that that's not the right thing to do. ...

"I understand why everybody looks at the situation," he continued. "But until you get all the facts -- I've always been a person (that) no matter what the situation is, let me get all the facts first before I make a decision on how I'm going to react or what I'm going to do."

Kelly then acknowledged that "I think everybody's going to change their philosophy" about the use of scouting services in recruiting based on this situation.

It's a good interview beyond the Lyles stuff. Kelly talks about suspended cornerback Cliff Harris, the loss to Auburn in the national championship game and the Sept. 3 matchup with LSU.