Yards to glory: 'The Pick'

A football field is 100 yards long, and each yard marker has produced immortal memories in college football.

Take 97 yards. Does that number ring a bell for any Oregon fans?

ESPN.com is looking at some of the most famous touchdowns in college football history for each and every yard marker, and Kenny Wheaton's interception return against Washington -- "The Pick" -- is the choice at 97 yards.

You can check out "Yards to Glory" here.

And here's what I wrote about Wheaton's dash to glory.

97. The Pick

Kenny Wheaton's interception return seals win for Oregon

Oct. 22, 1994: Washington and Oregon have long disliked each other, but the rivalry was wildly lopsided in the Huskies' favor -- at least until Kenny Wheaton went 97 yards for a TD on an interception return, which capped a 31-20 Ducks win over the No. 9 Huskies. The play happened just as the Huskies looked to be driving for a go-ahead score. But with Washington on Oregon's 9-yard line, Wheaton picked off Damon Huard and dashed into Ducks history. Oregon had lost five in a row and 17 of 21 to the Huskies, but "The Pick" was the key moment in Oregon's run to its first Rose Bowl in 37 years