To my friends from Michigan State: Read before you rant

Posted by ESPN.com's Ted Miller

Here's a few notes from some Michigan State fans concerning this blog post.

Coach Dantonio never uttered those words. And his pressers are available for you to review, and they were there for you to review before you made up the bull crap you wrote. Will you issue a retraction, will you tell people you make it up as you go along? You suck, but it won't matter one whit. Journalistic integrity is better than lies.

I think it is very irresponsible to fabricate bulletin board material like you did. The crowd noise comment was made by a reporter and not coach Dantonio, Nice journalism....

I'm disappointed in your article. Creating statements and putting quotations around them as if someone else said them is just one step above plagiarism. A retraction would be appropriate, but considering your lack of attention to details the first go around leads me to believe you won't take the time to correct a mistake. Again, disappointed in your work.

When/where did the quote you reference regarding coach Dantonio come from? I have heard nothing in the local media to that effect? Please retract it if it is not accurate. Thanks, Rob

Get their point?


This is what I wrote:

Cal fans: You have been called out. Here's a question from Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio's press conference: "Folks from Cal have told us that they're expecting probably 15,000-16,000 Spartan fans. It's not traditionally a loud stadium. How do you use that in recruiting?" "Not a traditionally loud stadium.' Ouch."

Note the bold term "question." Also, not sure why Dantonio would 1) Talk to folks from Cal about attendance; 2) Comment on a stadium he's never coach in; 3) Conclude a quote with, "How do you use that in recruiting?"

In other words, it's nary impossible to misunderstand this paragraph if the passage actually had been read.

My source for this exchange? Michigan State's official athletic site.

Here is the passage:

Q. Folks from Cal have told us that they're expecting probably 15,000-16,000 Spartan fans. It's not traditionally a loud stadium. How do you use that in recruiting?

COACH DANTONIO: Like I said earlier, when you see that kind of atmosphere 4,000 miles from home, you're at a program that is a nationwide, nationally respected program, whether we go to Florida and play in front of 30,000 people there that come, or whether we play in Texas, there will probably be 10,000 there, or whether we play in the Midwest with 70,000, 80,000. Michigan State University is a nationally recognized University with alumni across the entire nation. And that's what makes this place special.

I think as a recruit who's trying to decide whether to come to school here or not, I think that sends a message, that there are job opportunities, there are people throughout that will help them, and they will be known throughout the country.

Hope this helps.