Pac-12 chat wrap

Sure none of you missed the Pac-12 chat. My guess is you'll read these highlights merely to relive the awesomeness.

And if you don't like abridgment, go here.

Willy (Texas): Stanford contender or pretender?

Ted Miller (3:00 PM): Contender until proven otherwise, see 11 consecutive wins... will be interesting to see how the defense response after LB Shayne Skov knee injury.

Chris (Athens, GA): Greetings from SEC land. We all know how much the fans from the west just haaaate us down here in the south, due to their supposed "better football". But seriously, what is different about the two styles of football? Is there a difference? What would be the best matchup of teams to settle this, once and for all? (auburn vs. oregon? low blow, too soon?)

Ted Miller (3:02 PM): Not sure if the talk out west is about "better" football ... that's sort of SEC territory, and with some justification.... Would be interesting to see Andrew Luck and Stanford vs. Alabama-LSU winner.

Nicole (Portland, Or): Ted ? I?m curious as to your personal thoughts regarding the whole issue of Mannion/Katz at Oregon State. Obviously Mannion hasn?t had a whole lot of time in the spotlight but what is your impression of the impact he will have on OSU now and in the future. Other coaches for years have touted Riley as a ?quarterback?s coach? so I?m inclined to believe that the man knows what he?s doing. I also see striking similarities between Mannion and Sean Canfield as well. My thoughts are that it would take a lot to eclipse a starter that has a year of game experience under his belt so Mannion must have made a very large impression upon the OSU coaching staff. Your thoughts?

Ted Miller (3:05 PM): I don't watch practice everyday or talk to Beavers coaches everyday.... My impression is the local beat writers do a very good job of relaying what and why things are happening. Except Buker. He's the most dangerous man in beat writing (kidding). Anyway. My take is the coaches simply feel that Mannion is a better QB than Katz, at present and for the future. And I think the coaches -- Riley, Langsdorf -- feel bad about the way it went down but know their duty is to the team first. We won't know if they are right until Mannion starts to show his stuff.

Dave (San Francisco, CA): Ted, should Washington fans feel encouraged or discouraged by their team's performance at Nebraska?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM): Not sure if you should take a too wild swing either way. At halftime, I thought the Huskies were going to win. Then the third quarter happened, which as Nebraska fans are quick to point out, wasn't not about the officiating. I would hold your strong feelings either way for Saturday. A UW win, and Huskies are back on track. A UW loss, means the Huskies lost at home to a team it beat on the road in 2010.

Kelson (Pullman): Chances the Cougs can regroup and steal 2 on the road and get to 4-1?

Ted Miller (3:12 PM): reasonable... nothing so far suggests that Colorado and UCLA are world-beaters... Cougs will be underdogs, but those are winnable games. In fact, those probably are games the Cougs must win, or at least split, in order to have a shot at a bowl game.

IPM (Park city): In your opinion, do you think jordan Wynn has improved? Or do you think he had a good game.

Ted Miller (3:14 PM): I think he's getting more confidence in his shoulder. I think he's looked progressively better. So, yes, I think he's improved since day one of the season. Has he improved since his best stuff from 2009 and 2010? I'm not an expert on Utah during those years, but I'd bet his maturity and knowledge of the game is better, which might make up for any dip in arm strength, which was really never his thing anyway.

Cole (SLC): Do you think John White is a legitimate running back in the PAC 12 or has he just broken off big runs on inferior and defeated teams? Can he keep it up for big games?

Ted Miller (3:24 PM): Well, he leads the conference in rushing and has played 2 good teams in USC and BYU... I'm not doubting him. Now, is he All-Conference quality? We shall see at season's end. Lots of good RBs in the conference. But I think it's at least fair to say White is a high-quality RB.

Fletcher (Hayden Lake, ID): If you were a QB, which Pac 12 offensive line are you covetting rigth now?

Ted Miller (3:36 PM): Before last weekend, I would have said ASU. Now not so sure. Probably Stanford, even with 3 new starters.

Evan (Tempe, Az): What is the issue with ASU and their inability to stay healthy this season? Aside from the Lewis injury, it would appear as if the Devils have a extreme lack of conditioning/strength training. I don't know what to think about it! TELL ME WHAT TO THINK TED!

Ted Miller (3:44 PM): I've been told frequently that you can't train/condition away ACLs... I know most of ASU's injuries have been fairly freaky -- away from the ball, noncontact sorts... I have no idea why it seems some teams have injury epidemics. I do know that the Sun Devils bad luck has been remarkable...

Phillip (a stadium near you ): Ted,Colorado's chances against Ohio State?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM): I feel better about them now than in the preseason. Buckeyes looked bad at Miami and made a QB change to a true freshman... it could be interesting IF -- IF -- the Buffs avoid their typical slow road start.