Stoops: The day after

The ideal scenario for Arizona after firing Mike Stoops on Monday is finding a coach who's a perfect fit -- bright, charming, good recruiter -- and leads the program to its first Rose Bowl and then decides to stick around instead of climbing up the coaching ladder.

Won't be easy. The program hasn't done it before.

But AD Greg Byrne is smart and well-connected. His last football hire was Dan Mullen at Mississippi State in 2008, which worked out well (though not as well this season as some expected). And Byrne did a nice job sweet-talking hoops coach Sean Miller when it seemed certain he was headed to Maryland.

And, on the other side of things, Stoops ideally will regroup, reflect and get another shot at leading a program, having learned hard, valuable lessons with the Wildcats.

Feel free to root for a happy ending for both parties.

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