Pac-12 race update

The most likely scenario for the Pac-12 race is fairly obvious: the winner of the Oregon-Stanford game would win the North Division and would then play host to South Division champion Arizona State in the Pac-12 championship game on Dec. 2.

It would require a dramatic turn of events for that not to happen.

You can see the Pac-12 standings here.

The South Division almost feels decided already. USC isn't eligible because of NCAA sanctions, and even if it were, the Trojans: 1. Lost to Arizona State; and 2. Still have to play Stanford and Oregon. Meanwhile, Arizona State is likely going be a solid favorite in all of its remaining games.

UCLA, at 2-2 in conference play, is the only other team with a realistic chance to catch the Sun Devils, but that's entirely based on a mathematical possibility. Math didn't help the Bruins last week at Arizona.

Odds are the Sun Devils could even stumble twice and still win the division, not that they'd want to do that.

The North is a bit more interesting because you can say this: Oregon State isn't out of it!

If the Beavers were to win-out, beating Stanford, Washington and Oregon along the way, they'd prevail if the Stanford-Oregon winner lost at least one more conference game.

I know. Big stretch.

Washington also is not out of it, though it now needs Stanford to lose twice. That also would mean the Huskies need to: 1. Beat Oregon on Nov. 5; and 2. Turn around and become Oregon fans when the Ducks visit Stanford on Nov. 12.

That would be sumpthin', eh?

Still, the most reasonable scenario is clear: The Sun Devils are likely headed to either Stanford or Oregon for the Pac-12 title game, which will be played on the home field of the team with the best conference record (tie-breakers are 1. head-to-head; 2. BCS standings ranking).