WeAreSC links: Kiffin's caring side

Garry Paskwietz writes about how Lane Kiffin validated his immense potential this year, showing more of a caring and human side to boot. From Paskwietz:

Kiffin coached his USC team to a 10-2 finish despite a litany of obstacles that would have provided credible excuses for a lesser record. Along the way he proved that his reputation for offensive prowess is well deserved, and he showed that he can manage a program through choppy waters.

In perhaps the most interesting twist, however, we also saw a change in Kiffin. We saw a connection to his players that hadn't really been evident before. Call it part of his growth curve as a coach or perhaps an element of maturity, but it was definitely noticeable by the end of the season in the way he interacted with his team.

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