Details of Todd Graham's contract with ASU

The Arizona Republic has published details of new Arizona State coach Todd Graham's contract here.

Here are some highlights.

  • Graham's salary is $2 million per year, consisting of $600,000 base salary and $1.4 million additional salary.

  • ASU has agreed to pay $1 million to cover Graham's obligation for opting out of his contract at Pitt.

  • Graham will forfeit and repay all compensation and bonuses paid if any achievements should be vacated, diminished or in any way affected by sanctions, whether imposed by ASU, the Pac-12 or NCAA, resulting from violations of NCAA or Pac-12 rules.

  • If Graham terminates the contact and takes another NCAA job, ASU may require him to pay up to $1 million.

  • If Graham terminates the contract, he can not obtain employment as head coach at another Pac-12 school for the rest of the original contract's term.

  • Graham gets $50,000 if ASU wins eight games; $100,000 for nine; $150,000 for 10: $250,000 for 11 and $350,000 for 12. (Total possible bonus: $900,000.)

  • Graham will earn $250,000 for leading the Sun Devils to any BCS bowl. If they win, he will earn an extra $100,000.