More on Pac-12-Big Ten collaboration

Adam Rittenberg chatted with Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany about the Pac-12-Big Ten collaboration announced Wednesday, and you can read his entire post on the Big Ten blog here. Lots of good stuff.

Considering our conferences are now bound by even more than the Rose Bowl, I'm sure Adam won't mind if I, er, borrow this from him. It might answer some of your questions about how football matchups between the conferences will be determined in the future.


One difference between the Big Ten-Pac-12 football scheduling and the ACC-Big Ten challenge in basketball is that television will have a decreased role in determining the matchups. The football games will be scheduled collaboratively by the two leagues and its members.

"We haven't involved television and I don't expect we would," Delany said. "We may ask an opinion, but like the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, television is integral to putting that together. ... Most importantly, it will be home-away-neutral, and I think there will be movement of games and opponents. But the notion of competitive equity would probably be the No. 1 aspect."

We could see six home-and-away series in 2017 and 2018 and then the matchups would shift. Another possibility is creating three pods of eight teams, four from each league, where each team would play the four from the other conference. These pods could be determined by teams' track record.

Delany said the games likely would take place in the second, third and fourth weeks of the season, although he didn't rule out having them during the opening weekend.

The two leagues already have quite a few games scheduled for the next three seasons. The idea is to increase that number in 2015 and 2016 with the goal of having 12 matchups in 2017. Some of the already finalized series could be rolled into the new partnership.