Pac-12 poll: Who reigns on signing day?

Which Pac-12 team will make headlines on national signing day Wednesday and leap in the recruiting rankings?

That's our question, and it's a relevant one, because lots of big names are still out there -- vacillating and playing coy with reporters and fans.

The teams that seem poised to make the most noise on signing day are: California, Oregon, Stanford, USC and Washington (UCLA has a top-25 class, but with 28 reported commitments there doesn't seem to be much room left).

USC is in the mix for Tampa athlete Nelson Agholor, offensive lineman Andrus Peat, defensive lineman Azziz Shittu and offensive lineman Kyle Murphy.

In fact, USC and Stanford will face big battles on Wednesday for Peat, Shittu and Murphy.

Things move quickly. California was ranked 11th on Monday. Today, after losing elite safety Shaq Thompson to Washington, the Bears fell to 16th. The competition could be hot between the Bears and Huskies on signing day, particularly with recent defection of ace recruiter Tosh Lupoi from Cal to Washington.

There's plenty of intrigue on the board. But what do you guys think: Who is rolling in newfound riches when the faxes arrive on national signing day?