Pac-12 Valentine's Day: South Division

Happy Valentines Day.

Many of you over the past few days professed your love for your team to the Pac-12 blog. And, of course, we admire you for that. Here are some special valentines, starting with the Pac-12 South Division.

And, yes, Utah gets three. The Utes appear to really love Valentines Day.


John from Grants Pass, Ore., writes: Happy valentines day to the best team in the pac-12, THE ARIZONA WILDCATS !!!! LOVE MY TEAM, GO COACH RICHROD, BEAR DOWN AND KICK BUTT THIS YEAR !!!!

Arizona State

Eric from Tucson writes: How do I love my Sun Devils? Living in Tucson reminds me every day of why we are so much better than the Wildcats.


Thomas from Charlottesville, Va., writes: A Valentine to COLORADO FOOTBALL: A while back in Boulder Colorado football was cheered, Coach Mac built a contender Top-ten team every year. But McCartney retired. Neuheisel slunk away. Barnett could not keep his mouth shut and Hawk brought dark days. Buffs know we are better than the recent years have seen. Finally in the locker room Coach Embree builds his team. Look out for Ralphie, The best team mascot you know. Stampeding onto the field, With a revitalized team in tow. Shoulder to Shoulder, Fellow CU Buff fans, The dark days are over. Come fill the stands! Look out Pac-12! Look out BCS! The Buffs are rising. We'll soon be the best!!


Jagger from LA writes: Valentine to UCLA: Roses are red, Bruins are blue, UCLA rocks, we all know it's true!


Craig from Concord, Calif., writes: I love my Trojans, let me count the ways: 1) Tradition 2) Only two uniform combinations 3) The class and dignity of how this team, coaching staff and administration have so far handled the sanctions 4) Matt Barkley 5) 50-0 (Man, that was sweet!!) oh I could go on and on...


Matt from Salt Lake City writes: I love The UTES OF UTAH! They truly are the greatest team in all of college football. The first team to bring any attention upon the mountain west. BCS busters twice. A team that will not quit, it represents the state in which it resides with pride. We have done more with less funding then most other programs in the FBS. We have a student section that becomes a pain for teams to deal with. The most prideful fans standing behind everyone wearing a red U. GO UTES!!!!!

Stan from Salt Lake City writes: To my Utah Utes: Many tried to ignore you ? but you made it impossible. How could they ignore the best bowl winning percentage of any team with more than five bowl appearances (13 wins; 4 losses, 76.4%)? How could they ignore winning 10 of the last 11 bowls? How could they ignore the non-BCS team who defeated the most BCS teams through the 2010 season? How could they ignore two undefeated seasons in the past 7 years? How could they ignore the original and two-time BCS Buster? How could they forget the dominance over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl? They couldn't! Yes, I love my Utes. And I love the PAC-12.

G. Michael from Cedar City, Utah writes: When I first walked onto the University of Utah football practice field as a freshman manager in 1967 I could only dream that one day the Utes would be in the fight for a birth in the Rose Bowl. This year was something special. Not only was Utah a game away from contention for the Rose Bowl but had a gutty and pretty successful first season in the PAC 12. Color my Valentine to Coach Whit and the Utes and the real "U" the deepest Crimson. Go Utes!