Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed our Thursday chat, well, that was careless.

If you wish to relive all the wit and wisdom -- and a few typos -- go here.

If not, here are some highlights.

Ed (San Diego) Hi Ted! The conventional wisdom among many is that USC has depth issues on the D-Line, O-Line and tailback. I concede there are depth issues at tailback but I don't see a lack of depth on O-Line with the return of Markowitz, DiPoalo and Hobbie in the mix, or on the D-Line with Townsend and Temple moving to DT/NG. I also see dead people (Trojan opponents).

Ted Miller (3:02 PM) Do this: Give the offensive and defensive lines two injuries apiece. How you feel about the lines now? Depth won't be a problem if everyone stays healthy, but that rarely happens. I think the D-line depth is most questionable.

James (Kaysville, UT) Ted, with the PAC-12 establishing a scheduling relationship with the B1G Ten in the near future, do you see any exciting new rivalries in the mix?

Ted Miller (3:03 PM) Not sure if specific teams will play enough to build a healthy dislike but I'd guess anytime you'd pair Urban Meyer with Lane Kiffin, you'd have a fun game. Or Meyer and his buddy Chip Kelly. To me, seeing a Michigan uniform in any West Coast stadium would always be great fun.

Tony (Richmond, CA) Ted, will USC and Notre Dame both live up to the hype this year, resulting in the late November matchup having serious BCS implications and being the most meaningful game in the series for the rivals in quite some time?

Ted Miller (3:06 PM) My first response would be no because USC handled the Irish fairly well on the road in 2011 and welcomes back just about everyone... but it's hard to imagine that game won't be meaningful nationally. The Irish just need to learn to get out of their own way. Season was ruined by a handful of numb skull miscues. I don't blame Kelly for blowing a gasket.

Daniel (Salt Lake) what should we expect from Utah's O and OC this year

Ted Miller (3:10 PM) I think things will be closer to pro style than the ole spread-option, particularly with the critical need to protect Jordan Wynn. It was an interesting hire, giving a youngster like Brian Johnson the keys to the offense after Norm Chow left, but my feeling is you have to trust Kyle

Jehoshaphat (Eugene, OR) John Boyett not in your op 25. Please explain.

Ted Miller (3:11 PM) who would you take out in order to put him in?

Brian (Phoenix) Can Chip Kelly convince Arik Armstead to play O Line? Or can you see him being a 2 way starter at some point?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) Kelly won't force a move, and he's said Armstead is a D-lineman. I think he can be a good DE, too. It's just he could be a top-10 NFL draft pick as a LT.

Dan (Flagstaff AZ) Ted, Regardless of the warmth of the surface beneath Mike Rileys derriere (the hot seat) in September, do you think a 4-8 season with a win against the Ducks enough to save him? Or is it go bowling or update your resume in Corvalis?

Ted Miller (3:22 PM) The Beavers will be better this year. I think they've got a good shot to get to a bowl game.

Dan (WA) From the North, the overall quality of the Pac-12 appears to be getting better. Do you share the same view in the South?

Ted Miller (3:25 PM) USC is top-five. Utah top 25. I like the 3 coach hires in the south. And Colorado will get better, though it might be 2013 before anyone notices.

Mike (KC) Do you see Jordan Winn automatically becoming the starter at Utah or can one of the new guys steal his spot?

Ted Miller (3:35 PM) If healthy, Wynn will start.

Tim (Seattle) Ted, Wazzu is suddenly very thin at linebacker; what's the solution? Hope and pray the young guys can step up? Switch schemes?

Ted Miller (3:38 PM) You probably will see some guys change positions. Maybe move a safety up. Hope some young guys step up. Bottom line is that will be, at best, an extremely green position for the Cougs.

Blake (Montlake) Ted, I am having a difficult time imagining that UW will be as offensively dominant without Polk in the lineup. Unless one of the backup running backs steps up, I don't see the Huskies taking a step forward, even if the defense steps up. Any words of encouragement to the Husky fan base?

Ted Miller (3:43 PM) Price, Kasen Williams and ASF in their second years... 4 starters back on the O-line... I think the offense has a chance to be better in 2012, even if it has to be running back by committee.

Bi Al T (Burbank) Who do you see as the fav to get the UCLA QB job? Also, the schedule set up nicely for them this year. Any shot at a 9+ win season?

Ted Miller (3:46 PM) I like Hundley. 9 wins sounds pretty darn optimistic. I'd rate the over-under at six or seven. I do think the Bruins should be highly competitive in Mora's first year. Enough coming back to get back to a bowl game.

Matt (Florida) Who are your top three teams for the title?

Ted Miller (3:47 PM) National? LSU, USC, Alabama, Oklahoma. That's four. Maybe FSU.

wetterhorn (New York) Connor Wood, the Texas transfer, got the shaft at UT due to politics and will definitely be the starter next year. I predict he will shock the nation when he throws for 4000 yards. Paul Richardson will dominate and be a first rounder in the 2013 draft. Buffs will have 25 interceptions with our new DBs. Buffs win 8. Could it happen?

Ted Miller (3:49 PM) no, but I love the optimism. What the Buffs want from Wood is 230 or so yards of efficient passing per game. The secondary should be better in 2012. I think 6-7 is the high end for the Buffs... Got to start 3-0 then win two of three against WSU, UCLA and ASU.

623SunDevil (Phoenix) What type of season does ASU need to have for it to be considered a success?

Ted Miller (3:53 PM) I think a bowl berth would be a success. I also think that Sun Devils fans would be happy to see a team that gets better as the season goes on, one that shows some heart in the fourth quarter and one that gets a lot fewer penalties.