Biggest shoes to fill: UCLA

Starters in, starters out. That's college football. Players' eligibility expires and they leave for the rest of their lives, whether that includes the NFL or not.

And they leave behind shoes of various sizes that need to be filled.

Our concern with this series? The biggest shoes -- in some cases Shaq-like size 23s.

Big shoes: WR Nelson Rosario

One of the most prolific wide receivers in school history, Rosario leaves the program ranking fifth all-time in receptions (146) and receiving yards (2,362). The 6-5, 219-pound receiver caught 64 balls last year for 1,161 yards -- including a team-long 76-yard touchdown. He finished the year with five touchdown receptions.

Stepping in: Ricky Marvray, Jerry Johnson, Damien Thigpen and/or Devin Lucien.

It could be one or two of the above -- or all of them. With a whole new offensive scheme, it's tough to project who will fill which roles. Johnson and Thigpen are coming off of injuries, but the X factor could be Lucien, who impressed during practices last year. Depending on how the quarterback situation shakes out, this is one we're not really going to be able to answer until we're a few games into the season. Of the group, Johnson is the most comparable in size to Rosario (6-4, 218). But the previous coaching staff was high on Lucien. We'll have to wait and see if he can impress the new administration.

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