A look at the new Sun Devil Stadium

New uniforms. New coach. New athletic director. Now a new stadium. Arizona State's image renovation continues.

The school announced plans for a renovation of Sun Devil Stadium on Wednesday, one that will include a reduction of seating and putting a roof-like, "shade canopy" over the stadium.

From the news release:

The renderings are not finalized, but the tentative plan would create a shade canopy over the stadium that will allow the passage of natural light and the passage of air into the stadium while also allowing the Sun Devils to play day games earlier in the year to accommodate Pac-12 Network obligations.

The addition of the shade canopy, in addition to other alterations, will decrease seating to an area between 55,000 and 65,000 seats. As such, larger seats will be provided with more leg room and the potential of more seats with a seat back.

You can see two pictures here.

The plans are in the early stages for the project that could cost up to $300 million. And there is significant fundraising needed to do.

The cost of the stadium has not been determined at this time. There are also two different options available for the build: one that would allow the team and fans to stay in Sun Devil Stadium during construction or another that would move ASU out of the stadium for a season or two that would allow time to complete the project faster. The stadium can be built in up to five stages, but a timetable has not been establish as yet.

Here are some quotes on the proposed renovation, which were provided by ASU.