Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed our chat today, we're here to help you catch up with the enlightened folks who didn't.

You can read the unexpurgated text here.

And here are some highlights.

John (Sacramento) Washington 's line went from being a strength to, with injuries, somewhat of a question mark. How much of a ripple effect do you see in the running and passing game for the Huskies?

Ted Miller (3:06 PM) If Tanigawa and Kohler come back healthy, things will be OK, even though the loss of Porter hurts. But there's a domino effect when an O-line is struggling... you can't run the ball well, so you have to pass, which makes you predictable, which makes things easy for a defense, which gets your QB more hits, which could mean your backup QB plays more than you want

Matt (Ithaca, NY) Is Maurice Harris (cal WR) actually doing well, or was that all just pre-spring hype b/c of his relationship to Keenan / Maynard? Will the freshman (or walk-ons) overtake him come fall?

Ted Miller (3:12 PM) My impression is coaches are frustrated with his inconsistency, despite good hands. The lights need to be on bright all the time. Cal needs him to provide WR depth, but he's in danger of being eclipsed by the freshmen.

Hellhound (Omaha, NE) From what the papers are saying Jordan Wynn is looking strong in springball, better than 09' pre injury 10'. Local radio seems to be making a push for Wilson. Is this just media hype to push a story or is Wynn in jeopardy of being pushed. I am actually thinking outside chance at 2nd team all conference. Am I mistaken?

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) Hard to say... no one inside the program has even hinted that Wynn's job is in danger. But it does seem Wilson has impressed, and separated himself from fellow frosh Chase Hansen. You will probably get a better idea post-spring game. The best way to see this is as good news: It appears that Wilson will at least be a credible backup in 2012.

Casey (Ft Stewart, GA) Hello Pac-12, SEC fan here and wanted to ask a couple of questions if that's okay? First off, How do you think Barkley would do against the Defenses in the SEC week in and week out? And also, do you see Leach being able to bring excitement back to WSU?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM) The first one is trick question. Does Barkley get to bring his USC offense to the SEC? Because I'd bet big money that it would lead the SEC in scoring and yards, though the numbers almost certainly would be lower than against Pac-12 defenses. Barkley is a very good QB, an elite NFL prospect. He'd do well against any defense, though he'd likely do less well against very good defenses. His numbers should be better against, say, Oregon State or Kentucky, worse against LSU or California. As for Leach, he's already pumped juice in the program...now he needs to get the Cougs to a bowl game.

MikeySlade (Seattle, WA) Bryan Bennett looked great when he got playing time last year. What's your Duck forecast?

Ted Miller (3:20 PM) I'm a Bennett lean, but I've never seen Marcus Mariota play. I was a Nate Costa lean before he was beaten out by Darron Thomas. So who knows? What I do think, and it should be comforting to ducks fans, is that if Mariota wins the job, he's probably a pretty darn good QB.

CBROWN (Spoklahoma City) Why hasn't Leach made a decision on Kafusi? I know he was kicked off by Leach right after the incident but the charges have been dropped and Leach has hinted he might let him back. It's killing Cougar nation not to have any resolution on the matter.

Ted Miller (3:26 PM) Killing Cougar nation? That's a bit extreme. My guess is he won't make a call until after spring practices. While charges were dropped, it still isn't a case of being innocent as the driven snow... If you care about my opinion, I think Leach should take him back and give him one of his famous special conditioning sessions. From what I know, Kaufusi is hardly a bad citizen. If I were a Coug fan, I'd be more concerned about Leach and Washington State putting together a plan to make the Pullman police more accountable. That longtime strained relationship needs to be fixed, and the Cougs need to shine a light on how the police are treating players.

Robin (New York, NY) From what little we have learned about the Buffs (closed practices), do you think the second year of JE will be better than the first??? I am really worried...

Ted Miller (3:31 PM) It hurt big-time to lose WR Paul Richardson. He's a difference-maker on an offense that lacks them. The Buffs are in a full rebuild. Last year, it was the brutal schedule -- 13 games in 13 weeks with a rugged nonconference schedule. This year, they are replacing a number of key guys and will be breaking in a new QB. But the schedule is more forgiving. I doubt Colorado will become bowl-eligible, but I'd advise fans to be patient. Things should improve in 2013.

StanfordFANatic (Stanford, CA) Hey Ted! After your recent visit to Stanford did you come away thinking they could make some noise in the North? Does Oregon have anything to worry about? How good do you think the Stanford defense will be?

Ted Miller (3:34 PM) Stanford's defense should be pretty darn good. The front seven looks very good. Some questions in the secondary, but they have some young talent that might actually end up providing an upgrade. As for threatening Oregon, I've got to see how things end up at QB... The offense is replacing 4 guys who could be first-round NFL draft picks. That's not something you just flip a switch on. That said: I'd be surprised if the Cardinal doesn't win at least 8 games.

Ben Ingersoll (Fresno, CA) Is ASU's plan for a new stadium ridiculous, or is it just me. Just renovate the thing!

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) I thought it looked cool. Now do they have $300 million to pay for it? That's the question. But Sun Devil Stadium needs an upgrade. No question about that.

Taryn (Portland, OR) Ted, a quick question about investment being made in football programs, Especially in light of stadium renovations in Pullman, Arizona, CAL and elsewhere. Do 1) the investments these programs make directly correlate to wins and 2) taking all of this into account, where do you see the Pac-12 shaking out this year (standings)?

Ted Miller (4:01 PM) Well, I put forward the Oregon model. The Ducks built A-list facilities and, well, look at things now. USC thrived under Pete Carroll without great facilities, but it's one of the top-five prestige programs in the nation. Shiny facilities are good selling points in recruiting, which is the lifeblood of a program. So I'd say, yes, these investments help. As for the Pac-12, I'm guessing you're asking among other conferences. To be honest, I haven't done a thorough offseason review of other conferences, but I'd guess the Pac-12 will rank second or third... SEC is No. 1, then the Big Ten/Pac-12.... seems like the Big 12 will take a step back.