Cougs lead Pac-12 in GameDay voting

Today is the last day of the GameDay Vote competition, and Washington State is carrying the flag for the Pac-12.

Of course, that flag -- often seen on the GameDay set wherever it is -- is only in third place.

If the Cougs want to make a late run, go here.

Through 7:00pm Wednesday night, here are the standings:

Total Votes – 700,063

Top 10 Schools

Texas A&M (151.472)

Nebraska (146,266)

Washington State (52,171)

Clemson (27,384)

West Virginia (23,808)

Arkansas (22,595)

NC State (18,715)

Virginia Tech (14,868)

Iowa (13,417)

South Carolina (13,303)

According to the GameDay folks: "Texas A&M had pulled away the past few days but Nebraska has surged back today."

Voting ends at midnight ET on Friday -- that's the first tick of Friday, not the last. A winner will be announced 3 p.m. ET on Friday.