Poll: Biggest Pac-12-BCS controversy?

This week, with the advent of a four-team playoff, we, er, paid tribute to the BCS.

On Monday, we'll publish some of your thoughts about BCS controversies, but first a poll.

Question: What was the Pac-12's worst moment with the BCS?

I'm sure there are some strong opinions on this, depending on which team you root for. And against.

To us, the fanbases that surely feel the most outrage are USC (2003), Oregon (2001, 2005), California (2004) and Utah (2004, 2008).

USC was everybody's No. 1 team in 2003. Other than the computers. Oregon twice got screwed out of BCS bowls, including a title game berth in 2001. California fans still spit every time the hear the words "Mack Brown." And Utah twice found out perfection wasn't good enough if you weren't a "have" in an AQ conference.

What's your take?