On stage ... Arizona

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. -- Notes from Arizona's news conference with coach Rich Rodriguez, QB Matt Scott and LB Jake Fischer.

  • Rodriguez on scheme in Pac-12 vs. Big Ten: "I think it can fit anywhere... scheme is sometimes overrated... I think it's a good fit in any league."

  • Rodriguez on going to Arizona: "I wanted to be in a place that I thought could be special... I never had visited Tucson... I think the university is hungry for success... Tomey ... he was close."

  • Rodriguez on what is most noticeable change he has made: "I think how fast we play.... Our tempo has picked up a little bit."

  • Rodriguez on Penn State sanctions: "I think all football coaches looked at that case and probably learned from that case... it's a tough situation... tough to recover but not more than those victims went through... A lot of lessons to be learned. The lessons go beyond athletics."

  • Rodriguez on Scott redshirt last year: "Best decision that coaching staff made." (Said in jest).

  • Fischer comparing new offense to Oregon: "Every practice felt like we were playing against Oregon... I really think that will help us get prepared to play Oregon."

  • Fischer on 3-3-5: "it's a little different but all defenses are basically the same... more ways to blitz."

  • Scott on running spread-option: "It's like a dream come true." He ran that offense in high school.

  • Rodriguez on Scott running the ball: "We'll protect him more but we've got to run the system."

  • Rodriguez on CB Jonathan McKnight: "His knee is 100 percent. We'll probably limit him a little bit." But good to go for opener.

  • Rodriguez on spread vs. pro style offense: Noted that most NFL teams use a lot of shotgun ... Said QBs are drafted because they can play, not the system... "Maybe the new pro style is the shotgun spread... but if you can play, you can play."

  • Fischer on LBs after Brian Wagner quit: "He will be hard to replace... He could play."