Pac-12 chat wrap

You missed my Thursday chat? Strange. That makes no sense.

If you are overcome with understandable regret, and need to read it in its entirety, go here.

But here are some highlights. (And, yes, it kills me that I missed the "Judge Holden" reference here).

Al (Los Angeles) Is [Brett] Hundley a game changer for Bruins at QB?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM) Maybe.. difficult to say before his first college snap. But he's a charismatic guy with leadership skills and he can run and pass well. I really like his pairing with OC Noel Mazzone, who did wonders with Brock Osweiler at Arizona State. I will say Bruins fans are justified in being excited about their QB for the first time in a while.

Jim (SF) Best secondary in the Pac-12?

Ted Miller (3:06 PM) first impulse is USC, even with mediocre numbers a year ago... two legit stars in S T.J. McDonald and CB Nickell Robey. And lots of depth... Ducks also should be very good in secondary. Maybe better. Question might be who gets a better pass rush. That always makes a secondary look good.

Judge Holden (Nacogdoches, TX) How about [Bryce] Treggs being named a started at Cal? Would seem to be a group with complementing skill sets when you look at him, KA21 [Keenan Allen], [Chris] Harper and [Maurice] Harris.

Ted Miller (3:13 PM) Tedford basically said during the spring that he figured at least 2 of the freshmen and probably 3 would play, and he strongly intimated to me that he thought it a good possibility that his No. 2 behind Allen would be a frosh. Thing with freshmen: You must wait until games to see what they will do. A big stadium can paralyze a young man. I've seen plenty of camp heroes wilt in the spotlight. Tedford obviously feels he's got some guys who are ready for their close ups.

Eric (Albany, OR) Ted, anything I see about the Beavs is that they have the potential to be a good team, but are consistently picked to be last in the conference. Are the Beavers a last-place team this year?

Ted Miller (3:23 PM) Colorado is consistently picked last in the conference. Phil Steele picked the Beavers to finish ahead of Washington in the North. If the Beavers stay healthy, they are a bowl team.

Aidan Smith (Portland, Oregon) any chance DAT [De'Anthony Thomas] could get into Hiesman discussion?

Ted Miller (3:27 PM) Absolutely... he might post more spectacular plays than any player in the nation... if he can get the 1,000 yards rushing/1,000 yards passing number, that would get him to New York, no doubt.

John (Salem, OR) Jump forward a season. Matt Barkley is now gone. Does USC have a difficult time for say another two seasons starting in 2013?

Ted Miller (3:36 PM) Define difficult. I don't think USC is a top-5 team in 2013. But there's lots of young talent, which is good enough for 9-10 wins. It you pencil things out, the the Trojans should set up nicely for 2014, even with just 75 scholarships.

Sark (Huskyland) How much longer do I have before fans consider the team's improvement to have stalled?

Ted Miller (3:39 PM) If the Huskies win 7 games vs. their schedule, and then win a bowl game, that's a successful season. I like how things set up for 2013. If the Huskies are still hovering around .500 then, I would suspect there will be some grumbles.

Erik (Vancouver, WA) What are the chances that USC or Oregon will NOT win the pac 12? If not who?

Ted Miller (3:48 PM) I would be very surprised if Oregon and USC don't play in the Pac-12 title game... I hate to act like things are a done deal because they are not, but both are top-five teams for a good reason.

IPM (Park City, UT) How much will the utah defense miss Brian Blechen for the first three games? Also, is there any chance that he won't earn his position back.

Ted Miller (3:51 PM) He's one of their best and most versatile players, so he leaves behind a hole. I'd expect, if he gets back on [coach Kyle] Whittingham's good side, that he will quickly rejoin the starting lineup.

Kevin (Reno, NV) With the need for playmakers in Tempe, does D.J. Foster make a huge splash as a freshman, and challenge for national Freshman of the Year honors?

Ted Miller (3:57 PM) Maybe... but Cameron Marshall is a horse. Will Foster get enough touches? i doubt Foster will get national honors, but he could get some Pac-12 attention... it seems like Arizona State fans are eager to write in all these Frosh and JC guys. I'd advise patience. Preseason practices more often than not don't reveal much. Let's see how things look after three or four games.

Rett (Oregon...) How long do you think Utah fans are going to ride the wave of beating Bama in the Sugar Bowl?

Ted Miller (4:02 PM) for a while... the amusing re-writeing of history -- "Alabama didn't want to be there" is completely absurd... that was the Tide's first Sugar Bowl since 1993... and no body thought the Utes had a chance. They absolutely and without question or qualification physically dominated that game. There is no reason to believe if the teams played 10 times, Utah wouldn't win 7. Tide fans' unwillingness to admit this truth allows Utah fans to dwell on the game for a long while. College Football Rules: