Pac-12 chat wrap

If you wish to read the entire Pac-12 chat, then go here.

A completely reasonable thing to do, by the way.

But if you want only highlights, here are a few.

Kevin (Oakland) What backup QB is most likely (not predicting injuries) to be the starter by the end of the year?

Ted Miller (3:05 PM) Without injuries, Michael Eubank at Arizona State is the most obvious answer... he's the Sun Devils most talented QB... and if Brett Hundley underperforms, UCLA has two veteran backups.

Jim (SF) Ted, with all the hype surrounding USC's dynamic offense, is their defense being underrated? Yes, they have a D-Line low on experience, but high on talent. The Linebackers are good, and the Secondary is one of the best in the nation, no?

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) If healthy, USC's defense will be at least solid and potentially top-25. But 1-2 injuries on the line could leave you with a lot of freshmen in the rotation, which isn't good, even if they are talented.

Paul (Ogden UT) If the Utes upset USC and Oregon to win the PAC 12 would White be in the Heisman conversation?

Ted Miller (3:11 PM) If he puts up big numbers and Utah wins the Pac-12, I don't see how he wouldn't be.

Sandover (Chocolate Springs, MI) More likely: Cal over OSU or UCLA over Nebraska?

Ted Miller (3:14 PM) I see the Pac-12 splitting those games, notching at least one upset... I like how Cal's personnel matches up with the Buckeyes, but I have a hard time with the Bears on the road. Not sure what to expect out of Bruins... so right now I'd say Cal

Landon (Atlanta) If Oregon beats USC (potentially #1 at the time of the first game) twice, will their soft OOC schedule hurt them against other undefeated teams, even though it wasn't their fault that KSU bailed?

Ted Miller (3:17 PM) Maybe.... but if Oregon finishes undefeated, I think it's nearly certain it would play for the national title... the only problem would be if the Big 12 and SEC champs are undefeated too.. then the schedule would be an issue.

Doogie (Autzen) Does USC being back in the national spotlight help the PAC 12's image across the country?

Ted Miller (3:20 PM) Yes and no.. the Pac-12 needs more top-25 teams... that means top-five Oregon and USC joined by a couple of other 9 or 10 win teams.... But USC brings eyeballs, no doubt. Just the way it is...

Jason (portland) can oregon's secondary compete this year with USC downright scary passing attack. Last year completely blew me away the way the game started (and ended errr, make the field goal!!!) any way it turns out differently this year?

Ted Miller (3:22 PM) Sure... Ducks had a couple of injuries on D that night. Having a healthy Dion Jordan at end certainly would have helped... you can't let Barkley stand in the pocket.. to beat USC, you'll have to pressure him. The Ducks are strong enough up front to potentially make barkley uncomfortable.

Mano (SLC) Does the Pac 12 need to follow the SEC model ( 8 conference games, 7-8 home games, 2 non conference cupcakes ) to catch the SEC in national perception?

Ted Miller (3:27 PM) I think the Pac-12, when the new playoff is adopted, needs to make sure it's on an even playing field. If the other major conferences play 8 conference games, the Pac-12 needs to do that too.

Stella (Aspen) Stanford freshman who'll make the biggest impact this year: Peat, Whitfield, Sanders or Noor Davis? I say Whitfield, since we're deep at the other positions but desperately need another WR besides Montgomery.

Ted Miller (3:29 PM) I agree in theory, but we really need to see how the look when the lights are on and they're playing college football... if Kodi Whitfield is up to it, he could make a big impact at a questionable position. He was not, by the way, on the game one two-deep, for what that's worth. And if one of the freshmen are good enough to play LT, then that's saying something.

David (Virginia) What do you think of Chip Kelly's decision to go with Marcus Mariota over Bryan Bennett? And how do you foresee Coach Kelly getting Bennett involved in the game being that Bennett is a great athlete?

Ted Miller (3:34 PM) I won't know what to think until I see Mariota play... I've not seen any more of him than you have. I think the Ducks want Bennett to feel like he's part of the team. And he's a good enough athlete that he could make plays on offense even if he's not the starting QB... but I'm not sure how Bennett would feel about seeing time at another position when he believes he could be a good college QB.

Ashton (NYC) If Cameron Marshall Stays healthy and barring any other major injuries, can you see ASU bowl bound?

Ted Miller (3:41 PM) Absolutely.... Some things need to fall into place, but the over-under for me with ASU is 5 wins... optimists will see a bowl game...

Phil Wilcox (usc) How long does it take Arizona to learn RichRod's offense? And the 3-5 D? Do we have to wait 3 years for the new systems to be truly bedded down?

Ted Miller (3:50 PM) I think Rodriguez inherited a rebuilding job... The defense, in particular, lacks talent. The offense should be OK this year with Matt Scott, but Rich Rod will be breaking in a new QB in 2013. So I think year three is when things should start coming together.

SDZALD (San Diego) Do you think Larry Scott should get low marks for not getting deal done with DirectTV?

Ted Miller (3:52 PM) No... I think Direct TV should... Direct TV is saying it doesn't care about the West Coast.

David (CA) So how do you think Nunes will do replacing Luck? He was a big time recruit of his own 4 years ago

Ted Miller (3:57 PM) My guess is he'll do fine, at times looking like a first-year starter... The key is not trying to be Andrew Luck... manage the game, let plays come to you... forget (after learning from) mistakes as quickly as possible... that sort of thing.

Charlie (Eugene) Nov. 3, Oregon or USC? How is the Oregon receiving corps going to do? Will Josh Huff be more productive, or will he have another disappointing year?

Ted Miller (3:58 PM) If Huff stays healthy, he should take a step forward as a WR... just like you, I've been waiting for all those highly rated recruits to emerge. At this point, Oregon looks solid at receiver but not great. My feeling is that estimation is more likely to go up than down.