Six Pac-12 teams in latest AP Top 25

Washington's win over Stanford earned it a No. 23 spot in the latest AP poll, one of six Pac-12 teams in the poll this week.

Oregon remained No. 2 behind Alabama. USC is 13th, Oregon State 14th, Stanford 18th, Washington 23rd and UCLA 25th.

The SEC has six ranked teams -- five in the top 10 -- and the Big 12 has five. So 17 of the Top 25 come from those three conferences, widely seen as the three best this season.

Arizona State was among teams receiving votes, its placement equating to 35th.

The USA Today coaches' poll, widely viewed as a joke but nonetheless included in the BCS standings, views the Pac-12 more dimly, ranking only four Pac-12 teams.

Oregon is No. 2, USC 12th, Oregon State 17th (an absurdly low mark -- which team has three better wins?) and Stanford 18th. Washington and UCLA equated to 26th and 28th, while Arizona State also received votes.

It does appear that pollsters haven't got the memo about UCLA beating Nebraska. The Bruins' résumé is superior by any measure.

And, again, it beat Nebraska. Am I being obtuse insisting that should count?