Pac-12 chat wrap

Another great chat yesterday. I couldn't have done it without you guys. You can read the complete chat here or just check out the highlights.

Josh Nunes (dorm): Take that everyone!

Kevin Gemmell (2:01 PM): Well, let's just get that one out of the way early. Nice game Josh. But just like we shouldn't have been dumping on you after one game ... we're not going to hype you for one game. Got to get it done on the road.

Sean Mannion (Corvallis): Kevin, should I be concerned about my team while I am recovering?

Kevin Gemmell (2:04 PM): Wow... two quarterbacks writing me in the first three questions. Don't you guys study? There should be some concern, but not too much. I think Oregon State has enough weapons (Cooks, Wheaton, Woods etc.) and the defense is playing really good ball. Naturally, making a first start on the road is going to be tough -- especially in Provo. But your injury shouldn't be considered a deal-breaker for the season.

PaulieP (Scottsdale): ASU beats, Colorado, do they break into the top 25?

Kevin Gemmell (2:06 PM): Even though it's on the road and it's an ESPN Thursday night game, Colorado wouldn't be that signature win ASU needs to get in the top 25 (despite what Ted and I put in our polls). Next week, however, that's a different story.

Jason (Vancouver, WA): Is Colt Lyerla quickly becoming the best TE in the PAC-12? His recent receiving production combined with his all-purpose abilities is sure making it seem that way. He has outperformed Austin Sefarian-Jenkins thus far, and ASJ was widely regarded the best in the preseason.

Kevin Gemmell (2:08 PM): So subjective... I think you can make a case for Lyerla, ASJ, Levine Toilolo, Ertz, even Fauria. It's such a deep position and I don't think the conference gets enough credit for all of the talent there. Going to be a tough choice for first-team all-conference.

Tyler (Laramie, WY): Kevin, Does Colorado see any light at the end of this tunnel? I feel like it's more likely to be the headlamp of a fast-approaching train...

Kevin Gemmell (2:15 PM): Yes, there is light. All of these young guys playing are growing up fast. They'll be better next year and the year after. It's a tough stretch right now, but I think Jon Embree has the right attitude and the right approach. Be patient, and you'll be rewarded.

ConcernedCoug (Seattle,WA): Kevin, looking at the numbers for the WSU QB's, Jeff Tuel has been sacked once every 8 drop backs, Halliday once every 22 drop backs. I feel Jeff Tuel is a more complete player, but how can the Cougs get him into some quick release situations? What happened to the "Air Raid"?

Kevin Gemmell (2:17 PM): Well, it sounds like Halliday is going to be the starter. But Mike Leach is the QBs coach, he's the offensive coordinator and he calls the offense. So it's on him to get the most productivity out of his QBs. I think we all got caught up in the idea that it could happen overnight and obviously it's not. Like Colorado, a little patience is needed.

Scott (Tempe, AZ): Do you think Will Sutton will be an All-American if he can keep this production up?

Kevin Gemmell (2:21 PM): Getting tougher and tougher to ignore him. Might be the defensive MVP through the first half of the season.

Alex (Anaheim): Was Cal's win over UCLA just an off night for the Bruins or proof that the Bears are more talented than their record shows?

Kevin Gemmell (2:30 PM): Yes and yes. I certainly was an off night for the Bruins. Some communication errors that we haven't seen from them before. And we always knew Cal had talent. We just hadn't seen it come together this year so it was a big win for the Bears. Might be the thing they need to turn the season around.

Brandon (Salt Lake City): So according to USC fans Holmes "handled" Star. Do you really "Handle" Star if you are getting help from one to two extra guys helping you, and your offense runs away from him? Just need some clarification, because the USC fans seem to think I am wrong for saying Star can "Handle" himself.

Kevin Gemmell (2:41 PM): Aside from the first couple of minutes, I thought that was some of the best line play I've seen all year. I was glued to watching the center-DT the entire game. I wish I had coaches film so I could just study those two. I thought both played great.