Pac-12 still third in power rankings

The third-rated Pac-12 moved closer to the second-rated Big 12 in the ESPN.com Stats & Info conference power rankings, but the SEC widened its lead at No. 1.

The Pac-12 is now 7.3 points behind the Big 12. It ranks third in both the human and computer polls.

The SEC is five points ahead of the Big 12.

From the article:

The SEC has seven teams ranked in the AP Top 25, including four teams ranked in the AP Top 10. No other conference has more than four teams ranked in the entire AP Top 25.

South Carolina’s loss to LSU did not significantly impact the conference rankings because LSU and Florida gained about as many points in the AP poll as South Carolina lost.

Additionally, Texas A&M’s 59-57 thriller over Louisiana Tech late Saturday night gave the conference its 31st non-conference victory in 38 attempts. Only the Big 12 (26-3) has a better record in games outside of its conference.

The Big 12 was hurt most by West Virginia’s loss to unranked Texas Tech Red Raiders. West Virginia fell from fifth to seventeen in the AP Poll and no Big 12 teams was able to regain the points lost by the Mountaineers.

There is a wide margin between the top three and the next conferences. The Big East, in fact, has moved past both the ACC and Big Ten into fourth place.