Oregon remains fourth in BCS standings

Oregon may need to fret just a bit. But not too much.

As ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit said, "If Oregon wins out, it controls its own destiny."

With USC and Oregon State losing over the weekend, the Ducks' two A-list foes down the stretch of the season received a downgrade in the BCS standings.

The Ducks are again fourth in the BCS standings released on Sunday, with Alabama No. 1, Kansas State No. 2 and Notre Dame No. 3. LSU is No. 5, the top one-loss team.

Alabama is at LSU on Saturday.

Oregon State fell to No. 11 and USC to No. 17 in the standings. Stanford is 14th, and Arizona, which beat USC, is 22nd.

Kansas State and Notre Dame are tied for the No. 1 spot with the computers. Oregon ranks second in both human polls, but it's fifth with the computers. Alabama is third with the computers.

Something to keep in mind: While it hurts Oregon's strength of schedule for USC and Oregon State to fall, it also would help for Arizona to climb in the standings.

Oregon misses UCLA in the regular season this year. The only way the Ducks would play the Bruins is the Pac-12 title game. So Oregon fans might want to root for Arizona this weekend. Or for UCLA, if it beats the Wildcats, to win the rest of its games and win the South division.

Yes, the BCS standings get complicated when you're trying to split hairs among teams with the same record.

The second issue: No. 14. That's what to watch for the Pac-12 getting two BCS bowl teams.

A second Pac-12 team needs to rank in the top-14 of the BCS standings to be eligible to play in a BCS bowl game. That includes the Rose Bowl if Oregon plays for the national championship.