Oregon vs. Alabama: Who runs the table?

Who has a better chance to run the table: Alabama or Oregon?

That's this week's hot button debate between me and Mark Schlabach.

Mark provides a detailed scouting report on Alabama, thereby justifying his belief the Crimson Tide will win the rest of their games.

I, of course, employ metaphysics, crack wise and ramble. Insightful analysis? Not really. But I do use the most excellent word "caterwaul," which should earn me some sort of bonus.

The challenge for me, to inject an iota of seriousness into this, is that I think Mark is right for two reasons: 1. I think Alabama is very good; 2. Alabama's schedule is much easier than Oregon's, essentially boiling down to Saturday's game with an LSU team with no offense.

Oregon plays three ranked teams, two of them on the road, and California.

I think a lot of folks -- other than Kansas State and Notre Dame fans -- are hoping both teams win-out. At least to this point, Alabama and Oregon look like the two best teams.

Of course, things could change, as soon as this weekend.