Pac-12 chat wrap

If you missed my chat yesterday, well, you get one of these.

If you wish to relive it -- even for the first time -- go here.

And here are some highlights.

Burke (NYC via Corvallis) What's up with our QB situation? If Mannion plays this week and plays well, who starts against Oregon?

Ted Miller (3:02 PM) Ah.. that is a big question. My thought is that if Mannion plays lights-out, it will be difficult to sit him -- the hot hand before the Civil War. Recall that Riley said Mannion was the starter, even though Vaz played well while Mannion was hurt, and then had a pretty quick hook thereafter... That will be one of he big questions after the game Saturday.

David Fertal (Calgary, Alberta) Hey Ted. Who would you give the nod to this weekend? Oregon's O-line or Stanford's front 7?

Ted Miller (3:04 PM) Stanford's front 7. The Cardinal has the best D-front -- by far -- the Ducks have faced so far this season. It will challenge the Ducks run & pass blocking. But there's more to Oregon's offense than dominating up front, particularly with Mariota's quick release.

Daniel (Phoenix) Do you think CAL fans would revolt if Tedford is given another year? It isn't simply about this season but the trajectory since 2009.

Ted Miller (3:08 PM) I don't know if they would revolt, but I suspect Tedford returning in 2013 wouldn't inspire a lot of fans to be enthusiastic about the program. And empty seats would follow, at least until things turned around. It's a tough situation, but it's clear that fan support for him is waning. And I get no joy from the idea that Tedford might be out of a job.

marinersblue96 (Bellevue) Do you think Wilcox would leave UW after only one year? If so, what job do you think he would leave for?

Ted Miller (3:11 PM) I think Wilcox would leave for the right opportunity. But I think he's not in that much of a hurry. He'll want to go to a place where he can win, not just jump at any job offer. Things might get interesting among Pac-12 jobs this winter, so you certainly might hear his name bounce around a bit.

Rob (SLC, UT) Should I be worried about Travis Wilson as the future QB at Utah? He hasn't really progressed throwing the ball. He looks like he's throwing a shot put...

Ted Miller (3:13 PM) The Utes scored 49 points in consecutive wins over Cal & Washington State before losing at Washington and Wilson admittedly playing poorly. You do know he's a TRUE freshman, right. Might be a bit early for worry.

Trojan1981 (Office) I was reading an Article where few of the coaches from the SEC are saying that the SEC champion should be consider for the BcSNC title game, what do you think the chances are of that happening?

Ted Miller (3:18 PM) Sure... if there aren't 2 undefeated AQ conference teams. If so... nope. Sorry. Thanks for playing. But I think a 1-loss SEC team does beat out a 1-loss team from anywhere else. The conference has earned that.

Marc (San Francisco) Explain to me how there is a chance Stanford can reach that rose bowl but when other media predict bowl selection, Stanford is Pac-12 5 or 6th finisher? After beating both USC and Oregon St, that makes no sense.

Ted Miller (3:25 PM) Let's say Stanford loses a close game to Oregon, but then beats a highly ranked UCLA team fresh off a win over USC. At 9-3, I think the Cardinal would be ranked in the top-14 of the BCS standings. Then the issues is the top of the BCS standings. If Kansas State finishes No. 1 and Oregon No. 2, then the Fiesta Bowl picks first. It likely would take Notre Dame, but it would help the Pac-12 if the other top Big 12 teams lose. That's how Stanford could get to the Rose Bowl. That or winning the Pac-12 title.

Robert B. (New York) Who is more excited to be playing, USC or UCLA? Do you think USC is expecting the same old UCLA or a tougher game this year?

Ted Miller (3:31 PM) I think UCLA is going to be really hungry. The Bruins surely smell opportunity. And blood. But the key for a young team is to not let emotions screw up your concentration, particularly early. Kevin and I talked about that this week: So much sets up for a UCLA win, but you worry about young players getting too goosed and making early mistakes that take the crowd (and confidence) out of things. And if USC thinks this is going to be anything like last year, well, that will come back and bite their butts.

James (Moses Lake) Huskies finish 9-4, do they have a preseason top 10 raking in 2013??

Ted Miller (3:33 PM) Might depend on who they beat in a bowl game, but I'd say they are more of the top-15 variety. A lot easier nonconference schedule, though the Husky Stadium opener with Boise State might be worrisome.

Jeremy (Honolulu) At this point in the season and this far in Kelly's tenure, is anything less than a National Championship a fail for Oregon?

Ted Miller (3:34 PM) No... I don't think Oregon is at the point where it would win a Rose Bowl and go, "Damn. This stinks." I'm sure losing the title game would hurt, but a fourth consecutive Pac-12 title speaks for itself. And Oregon will be top-5 again next year.

amthony nashville tn [via mobile] Do u think rich rod will have a better 2nd year than this year?

Ted Miller (3:42 PM) I think Arizona might take a step back or do about the same. It won't be easy to replace Matt Scott, and there are no obvious ways for the defense to take a huge step forward.

Corey (LA) Who does USC consider to be their biggest rival: Notre Dame or UCLA?

Ted Miller (3:52 PM) That's a question specifically for USC fans, but I'd say UCLA because of the crosstown aspect. I think it hurts USC to lose to UCLA more than Notre Dame. I think older fans might disagree, though. Young fans don't remember that Notre Dame used to be a national power.

Scott (Louisville) Seems like a lot of fans are happy that an SEC team might not be in the national title game this year. It isn't like a non-SEC team dethroned them. Do you think a team like Oregon or KSU would rather play each other or face a Bama with the potential of dethroning the champion and the SEC?

Ted Miller (3:55 PM) Well, it was a formally middling Big 12 team that took down Alabama, one using an advanced offensive scheme you don't see in the SEC. But I do think Oregon/Kansas State/Notre Dame would rather beat an SEC team to win the national title because, as you say, it would be more a dethroning. If Oregon/Kansas State/Notre Dame won over one or the other, SEC fans would still crow & take shots. But if you asked the coaches at Oregon/Kansas State/Notre Dame if they'd rather play each other or Alabama, I'd bet they'd whisper "each other."

Phi Slamma Jamma (Los Eugeneles) Gemmell says he's willing to bet you on your season picks, the loser having shave his head. If you tie it up this week are you taking the bet?

Ted Miller (4:00 PM) No... Gemmell's hair will grow back. I'm not so sure about mine.