Pac-12 chat wrap

Another magical hour of chat yesterday. You can catch it all by clicking here or just check out the highlights. Also, my bowl mania picks are in. If you're a fan of the Pac-12 blog and want to get in on the fun, click here.

Ted (Palo Alto): As a Stanford fan I got to witness the travesty that is the Irish record first hand. Knowing I can't get the "Big East Video Official" asterisk next to that L, Where do you rank the Irish in terms of undefeated teams over time?

Kevin Gemmell (2:02 PM): Going undefeated in this day and age is really, really hard to do. It's tough to compare. But that's why I had Notre Dame and Ohio State No. 1 and 2 in my ballot. You have to respect a team that runs the table. Comparing, though, is difficult. How do you rank TCU in '10 or Utah in '08 to Miami in '91. Undefeated is undefeated.

Burke (NYC via Corvallis): How does Harsin leaving UT for Arkansas State affect the Alamo Bowl, if at all?

Kevin Gemmell (2:03 PM): Maybe. I was talking with Carter Strickland about that this morning (the HornsNation beat writer). Major Applewhite takes on much bigger play-calling responsibilities right now. It's a lot to cram in in a couple of weeks -- but then again I'm sure they were prepared for this possibility as well. It might have an effect...

Mario (Tah): Kevin, what are your top 5 bowl matchups?

Kevin Gemmell (2:06 PM): Hmmm... If we're talking just Pac-12, I put the Rose and Fiesta on the same level. I think ASU beats Navy, but I just love watching that offense so I'm looking forward to it. I think the New Mexico is interesting because of the RBs in play. The Holiday is going to have great offense and the QB situations at Oregon State and Texas make for an intriguing Alamo. I can't ever recall two teams going into an upper-tier bowl game without starting quarterbacks (not because of injury). Really, really interesting.

Fred (Denver): What and how long will it take for the Buffs to gain respectability?

Kevin Gemmell (2:22 PM): Depends what your definition is? I think 4-5 wins next year would be respectable. A bowl game within two years would be fantastic.

Conrad (Pullman): How long before the Pirate, Mike Leach's act wears thin?

Kevin Gemmell (2:23 PM): That's the thing, it's not an act. If you want to play for him, he demands a level of commitment. He's not for everyone. But the proof is there that when he gets his guys playing his system, they have success.

John (Sacramento): In all the excitement of hiring Coach Dykes (and I think it's a good hire) I think it's a shame that the eleven year Tedford era didn't receive greater respect. Everyone pointed out what wasn't (Rose Bowl) but little was said about what was (defeating Dumpster Muffin finally and getting a new facility, eight bowl games, etc.) Is college sports that much of a business that we bury the noble dead without proper eulogies?

Kevin Gemmell (2:26 PM): I'm afraid so. That's the cost of doing business in college football. I feel bad for Tedford, because he accomplished a ton of great things at that school and for the program. I'm not saying a change shouldn't have been made (though I think one more year might have been in order -- but there were a lot of academic issues that also played into the decision). Either way, yes, Cal fans should also look back favorably on what Tedford was able to accomplish.

Chris (Colorado Springs): What is your opinion on the Embree firing in Boulder?? and the subsequent hiring of the San Jose St. coach...

Kevin Gemmell (2:39 PM): I thought the Embree firing was embarrassing for the school and it was a terrible way to treat a guy who worked his tail off with dice loaded against him. But as I said, that's in the past. I like what MacIntyre did at SJSU. He's a defensive-minded guy, a good recruiter in California (the life blood of the league's recruiting) and he has a history of rebuilding. He's the right guy for the job.

Noah (Sammamish WA): I don't know if you've been asked this yet but who is your favourite to win the pac-12 next year. Would it change if chip left for the nfl?

Kevin Gemmell (2:41 PM): I think the Oregon and Stanford are the usual suspects. We saw USC take a dip so the South is wide open. I could see UCLA repeating, I could also see Arizona or ASU making a run. Oregon State is on the rise once again in the North. Going to be really, really fun year again in the league. And my prediction numbers will suffer for it.

Tommy Trojan (Exhibition Blvd): What will be Matt Barkley legacy? Pac-12 record breaker or 0-4 against Stanford?

Kevin Gemmell (2:52 PM): I would hope his charitable work -- which is unbelievably extensive -- gets the first nod. Then Pac-12 record breaker, and then the Stanford numbers.

Chris (LaLaLand): Just read, that Stanford and UCLA sold out their bowl ticket allotment. Surprising after how empty Stanford stadium was for the Pac 12 championship.

Kevin Gemmell (2:59 PM): Not at all. There were plenty of circumstances -- early start, Friday night, rain etc. As I put in the attendance post yesterday, Stanford's first three games this year were before the students were on campus and the big-draw games (Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame) were all on the road. Next year Stanford's attendance will be up.