Poll: How many Pac-12 bowl wins?

The Pac-12 finished the regular season second in the conference power rankings. And now it has a chance to back that up with eight teams going to the postseason.

A strong showing in the bowl season always bodes well for the national reputation of a conference. And the Pac-12 is favored in six of the eight games. Washington, which faces Boise State, is the only underdog and UCLA-Baylor has moved into a pick 'em.

Ted asked the question a couple of weeks ago whether the conference could run the table and go 8-0 in the bowl season. And he also laid out the best case/worst case for each team on the blog this morning.

Now we're putting the question to you for your Thursday poll question: How many bowl games will the Pac-12 win?

Your options:

Eight: It would be the perfect end to a wild season. This would mean two BCS bowl game victories, a 5-0 mark against teams from other BCS conferences (though Boise State will be in the Big East next year) and joy will ring throughout the Pac-12 blog in the ensuing months.

Seven: Perfect is hard to do. One team slips up, but it's not the end of the world (unless it's in one of the two BCS games).

Six: Still respectable, but there might be a slight dusting of disappointment. But it's not the end of the world (unless it's in both BCS games, then it's time to panic).

Five: Now we're running into trouble because it means favorites are starting to lose. If you want national credibility, you have to win the games you are supposed to win. And the conference, at the very least, should win six games.

Less than five: Disaster. Pure and simple. Disaster.