Your Pac-12 Christmas gifts

Hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday season.

We gave Christmas gifts to the Pac-12 last week -- Ted to the North and Kevin to the South.

We asked for you to enjoy the giving, too. Here are some of your gifts. (It seemed inappropriate, considering the time of year, to include the ones offering firings or an elevated level of snark, though some of those were pretty funny).

David from Tucson: I'd like to give my team (the University of Arizona Wildcats) a couple things, first a big congratulations, talk about a turnaround. Second, I'd like to give Ka'Deem a ticket to New York for December 2013, you know, just in case. And third I'd like to give RichRod a high five on behalf of the Tucson community. In year one he matched Mike Stoops best record. And he beat better teams.

Nick from Tucson: Ted, you must get the Wildcats their very own Rock'em Sock'em Robots for Christmas so they can take their aggression out on the game instead of each other.

Alex from San Francisco: If I were Santa I would give Cal Aaron Rodgers' first-born son with the arm of Zeus and the decision making speed of IBM's Deep Blue. Stocking stuffers? Roses.

Chace from Mountain View, Calif.: Been a Stanford fan for more then 20 years, and I can't think of any better Christmas present for newly extended head coach David Shaw and the Stanford Cardinal then to unwrap a brand new shiny Game Changing Wide Receiver.

55USC from Atlanta: I would like to altruistically give Lane Kiffin a laminated sheet with football plays on it, as opposed to the IHOP menu he normally eyeballs on the sidelines. (courtesy of Coach Brooks).

Greg from Portland: A gift for Oregon State- 5 "take back that turnover" cards, locks up the Stanford win, and split the other 4 maybe you have a shot against UW and UO... then who's going bowling.

Scott from Syracuse: My Christmas wish for the Beavers would be to give them the ability to withstand all naysayers for eternity. I believe the Beavers will always have their doubters but as they proved this season, if they stay the course and focus on the field, they can be pretty darn good. So again, my Christmas gift to the Beavers is a set of blinders, so that they can keep their eye on the prize.

Austin Duck from Texas: Oregon gets a long gift, once opened, it is a strong right leg from 40 yards.

Jonathan from Sherwood, Ore.: My gift is for the Ducks: An apology letter from the NCAA saying sorry for dragging out its investigation for 3 years and giving them a clean slate.

Sean from Seattle: For Christmas, I'd like to give Keith Price some courage to trust his reads and throwing lanes, the offesive line some heart to block for said Keith Price, and brains for our defensive line to figure out how to apply some pressure to opposing QB's.